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I got some inspiration from the disney channel ( believe it or not) since my life seems to be consumed with mickey mouse clubhouse, jake and the neverland pirates, and sophia the first. Funky is starting to love her night night cartoons. We let her watch a show before bed and then its off to storytime. They sometimes have things for parents now ( which is awesome!!) like recipies and crafts. I saw one about making a frozen banana dessert and had to give it a try with a twist!

We always have bananas on hand and every once in a while they go to waste or get to ripe for me. Now as soon as theyt get ripe and I know I have too many I cut them up into slices and put into a ziploc freezer bag. After they have frozen you take them out and put them in a food processer ( Don’t worry you can also let them thaw a little and squich them with a fork works the same) and it turns into a perfect banana ice cream! I cannot believe I NEVER knew this before but talk about healthy and Funky thinks it is ice cream.



If you want to add a little twist or want to calm down the banana flavor you can add any toppings you want. I added a scop of light cool whip with drizzles of agave nector, light chocolate syrup, and a dash of cinnamon. It feels like cheating on a diet for real a must try!!

Yes My new business adventure is going very well, thankfully. I know direct sales can be hard for some and it is really not easy as most peeople make it seem but I totally love what I do and it gives me the opportunity to be creative, meet others, and most off all get out and have lady nights. I have been doing events to which are a lot of fun, so I will say that it does take some hard work and creativity to be successful at it. My fiancee said he can tell that it makes me happy so for now I will keep seeing how far I can go with it:) It has become part of our routine so wanted to share some updates.

The Vary you collection is by far my favorite new collection of the season! They can be worn different ways and this one pictured actually folds to zip or becomes taller and snaps!


Fall catalogs come out September 1st so if you would like one please contact me or visit my site! I love spicing up my purses and totes with scarfs and rosette clips… just makes it more girly and cute:)


This is one of those throw together dinners but man oh man was it good I had to share!
I started with sauteed onions( big pieces) and mushrooms( whatever is on sale) then I added pineapples and peeled shrimp for the last few seconds just enough to warm them a little. Shrimp cooks very fast so I don’t like to cook them too much and make them chewy so be careful! I put a tbsp or two of worstshire sauce and topped a plate of brown rice with it and called it a night! So easy yet so healthy and delicious a nice, light, summertime dinner in ten minutes or less!! Mr.Fit was in heaven. We haven’t introduced Funky to seafood yet but she will be two soon so we will try then.


So this is basically the same thing….

Just put it all on a stick with chicken and grill! VIOLA…..Another fantasioc dinner. I also made chinese coleslaw ( recipe in older post) with cut up cantaloupe ( Funky’s favorite) and a mommy mai tai as I call it:)

Orange juice
pinepapple juice
Malibu run
cherry vidka
cranberry juice
splash of lime

YES it is very fruity but the best for a sweet tooth!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE being outside but living in the middle of the U.S. is not very fun when there is no beach:( We made our own of course and she has no idea of the differnce for now but will soon! I cannot wait to get her to a beach so she can experience the sand and waves. She will go crazy I am sure, my little outside princess. To all the parents out there I respect every one of you because let me tell you that setting up this darn pool took me half the morning for all of ten minutres of play and then funky was totally over it. We have no faucet outside it is in our garage of all places so I had to carry buckets of water outside and you would think this little pool would be so quick to fill but I am pretty sure it took over 20 buckets!


How much time have you spent trying to make your child happy for a short while when the process of setting up took way more time. I think that is my life lesson for the day….It make take a tremendous amount of time to get to where you are going but once you get there either the ride was worth it or just keep trucking!

I recently went to my CNC or celebrate and connect meeting for Thirty-One and it was awesome. We learned about new wallets and purses coming out in August before the premier of the Fall line. I do have one new pattern to show you that I LOVE.
fall 31

I also am happy to announce that I am earning new pins to add to my collection. I have obtained my first meeting pin, my qualified pin meaning I have sold $1000, a startswell pin which I earned lots of free products to get my business started, and a top recruiter pin since I was the top recruiter for MAY:)

I still am enjoying working as a consultant for this company I have nothing negative that I have come across yet and I really love the extra two paychecks every month! They may be raising the startup kit soon so if you are interested please contact me so we can get you started today!
I have been keeping consistent with about 3 parties a month which works great for my schedule but would like to get to four. I love setting up at peoples houses my displays look so nice.

My fianees mothers birthday is coming up soon and we wanted to do something different and creative. I decided to use one of the fun flop large utility totes and make a cool gift basket. I wrote a fabulous,fun,and fifty poem to talk about what was inside and then stuffed it with little gifts and tissue paper. It tured out adorable and I know she will really like it:)


There are so many versions of food you can make and one simple change can make a big difference. I find that when I am cooking I always have some kind of leftovers that I need to use up quickly, mainly because it is always fresh veggies that never last long. We have our favorite meals that we cook so I felt that we needed a little change in our spaghetti so I used my old recipe and added chunky diced tomatoes and shrimp. It was perfect!


I also added a new spin on my burgers where I topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and feta cheese. I also used a fattier version by using kings Hawaiian rolls but man they are so soft and sweet! Mr.Fit says I have a huge sweet tooth so I try to contain it by eating sweeter foods sometimes instead of a whole box of candy bars and chocolate!


I found a recipe for stuffed pork chops but I am not a big fan of pork chops so I used the stuffing portion to put into chicken and made a mustard sauce to go over top. It was awesome!! I probably tell everyone that everything I cook is awesome because it’s of course cooked how I like it so, please use your own discretion when reading my cooking reviews haha.

I started with the inside stuffing part. I sautéed about 2 cups of spinach, with half of a chopped onion, and about a cup of mushrooms. Once the mixture was soft I added feta cheese and a tablespoon of non fat cream cheese. I added a dash of pepper and sea salt. It looked like this:

Next I cut the chicken breasts almost in half and stuffed it.
Then off to the oven! I baked for about 45 minutes and then topped with the sauce

The sauce was part oil, Dijon mustard, fresh garlic, and basil. It really made it all come together like a sweet and sour sauce.


What a great idea! There is a farm close by to us that we got our christmas tree from last year and I get their newsletters and saw they did strawberry picking. I had never done this before but thought Funky would love it since she like strawberries and of course being outside. I try to find little fun things for us to do that wont be too crowded and is cheap since she doesn’t fully understand the concept of most things yet. We got to the farm right when it opened and I couldn’t believe how packed it was already. We almost made a quick u-turn and left but I decided why not give it a try. It actually was super organized and they gave everyone their own row to pick from. We started at the end and started picking some off the bushes. Funky wasn’t too sure about touching the plants so I handed them to her and she threw them in a tray they gave us. We lasted about ten minutes and she quickly became bored. We ended up with about $2 worth of strawberries which were a little under a pound and they were almost gone by the time we got home.

All in All it was a cool experience but we probably will not do it again, I prefer the big strawberries at the grocery store which are a little cheaper and a lot sweeter. There is blueberry picking coming up and that is by far her favorite so we may have to try that once!


My birthday fell on Father’s Day this year and we had plans to actually go out to dinner for once and of course the life of mommy kicked in when funky woke up with a fever and did not want to get off of the couch. So we ended up ordering in and sleeping all day but it actually was not too bad we are getting ready to go on vacation so it saved us the extra money anyway. I am a huge planner and lately I feel stuck in a rut where no matter how much I plan it never happens that way. I thought it would get better with funky getting older but seems to be getting worse now that she has her own little agenda and attitude going. I did get a a few nice cards and really pretty hot pink flowers to look at the whole week:) Mr.Fit had a very relaxing day as well and plus he ordered steak for dinner and what more does a daddy need but his lil girl next to him on the couch and a great steak???

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

No doubt Funky is a mommys girl when it comes to CHOCOLATE… I have to hide chocolate in the house so Mr.Fit doesn’t get on me for eating junk lol because we all know that at certain monthly moments there is no denying a woman her chocolate, ice cream, candy, or whatever comfort food it may be. I happen to be eating a piece when Funky was having a panic attack because she did not have any. I have no idea why she throws a fit when its not like she has had more then maybe two pieces of candy in her lifetime. I gave in of course and she was so funny, clapping, smiling, and even dancing.
So heres how it went:

photo (8)

Oh Mommy Im so glad you gave me this lovely piece of chocolate and are sharing with me!

photo (7)

I hope this is how the story goes for the next twenty or something years lol I will keep you updated on that haha!

But for now its Funky and Mommy hand in hand:)

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